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Simplifying government subcontracting

self-help services for non-traditional government contractors
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About Us

Lampyrid's founders created the Flow-Down Generator after spending endless hours reviewing FAR, DFARS, and AFFARS clauses in government contracts and wondering if other small businesses were doing the same.  They discovered that in most cases others weren't reviewing them all.


Lampyrid automates the sorting process of Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) flow-down clauses to reduce the time and confusion often incurred by non-traditional government contractors

Establish Compliance

Noncompliance puts small businesses in breach of contract.  Lampyrid can reduce the chances your contract gets terminated by default and your small business gets debarred from future government contracts

Who are we

How it works

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Questionnaire Tool

Lampyrid's Flow-Down Generator is a questionnaire based tool to identify 1) Value of the subcontract, 2) Clauses included in the prime contract, and 3) Type of work performed by the subcontractor.

Automates Flow-Downs for Subcontracts

Upon submission by the user, the tool identifies the relevant clauses required for inclusion in a subcontract.  These clauses are then sent to the user, by email, to be downloaded, reviewed, and attached to their subcontract.

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How it works
SBIR Awardee

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